Under Construction

Under Construction. That was the place-holder I put on this page, until I could get back here to put something more interesting in. But, when I came back, I realized that “Under Construction” was a good heading for this first post, because that’s what this blog is. It is under construction, and God willing, it will be for as long as it lasts.

So, what is Pat’s Pages? (And what’s with that name?)

Pat’s Pages is a…curation of things that interest me. Some of it is political, some scientific, and some religious. It’s also sports – particularly New England Patriots football (and now you know one piece of the story behind the name), history, philosophy, travel, movies, comic books, TV shows…pretty much anything I’m interested in will find its way onto here sooner or later, in one form or another.

Oh, and opinion. Lots and lots of opinion. About everything. Except celebrity gossip. I honestly don’t give a damn about what’s going on in those people’s messed up little lives, and I don’t think anyone else should either. So, if you’re into that, there’s the door. The only time celebrity crap will pollute this blog is when it, inevitably, crosses over into something I am interested in, and then I’ll tell you what I really think about celebrities.

If you read my profile, you’ll see that the first thing I describe myself as is a Christian. I am far from exemplary, but that is where it all begins for me. My faith will find its way into just about every topic of discussion on this blog at some point or another, and that’s as it should be. If what you say you believe doesn’t affect every aspect of your life, you’ve got reason to question whether you truly believe or not. If open Christian faith offends you, please follow the last person out the door.

You may also have noticed the tagline “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help me God.” I mean that. I am always going to be honest on these pages about what I think and why. I believe Truth is an objective thing, but I don’t always see it clearly. No one does. So, while I will always make it my goal to serve The Truth with what I write here, and I will always speak the truth about what I believe, I could possibly be slightly off about something some day. If you think you’ve found that needle in the haystack, let me know. I welcome discussion in the comments section. Or, you can always send me a private message. Be aware, though; I don’t believe in censoring dissenting opinions, but if your post is unnecessarily rude, vulgar, or insulting, I reserve the right to delete it, and maybe you for tone.

With that said, I am going to say things on here that some of you won’t agree with. You might vehemently disagree or even get insulted. That’s fine. Disagreement is often the beginning of a good discussion. As for your feelings though…? I don’t care. That’s right, I don’t care. It’s not that I’m going to go out of my way to insult people, but sometimes the truth is just plain offensive, and I pull no punches. If you can’t take a joke, are offended by a few “colorful metaphors“, or find your feelings are easily hurt, please follow the other two. Or stay, and speak up in the comments section like an adult. I love the comments section. Honestly, one reason I started this blog was because I was writing so much in the comments sections of other websites that I figured it’d be good to just put all of that energy into one place. But I have no safe spaces here, and we’re fresh out of coloring books.

I’m hoping that Pat’s Pages will be something more than just me talking to myself on the internet. To that end, and to keep this thing interesting for people besides myself, we’re launching Pat’s Pages with a second writer, Mark Terra-Thomas. Mark is one of my oldest, and certainly best, friends. It was his admonition that ultimately forced my hand in creating this blog, and the name also came from him, tossed out as an inside joke, but as is usually the case with Mark, so very appropriate (and now you have another piece of the puzzle). I hope you’ll enjoy reading his work as much as I do. Finally, one reason I love comments sections is that so many intelligent, creative, witty people visit them because they have something to say, and few other places that they can be heard. I’m looking for those people.

So. Welcome to Pat’s Pages. I hope you enjoy it, and honestly, I hope I have fun writing it. If I don’t, it won’t last long. As I said earlier, it will always be under construction, so expect constant changes in the look and content. And watch your head.

Oh, and if you’re interested in the rest of the story behind the name, shoot me a message. If you’re really nice, I might tell you.


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